Motivation to Exercise and Physical Activity of The Community on The Situation of The Covid 19 Pandemic In Surakarta

  • Sunjoyo Satrio Sakti alptkptm
  • Rumpoko Rumpoko
Keywords: Motivation, Exercise, Physical Activity, Covid-19


The purpose of this study is to determine the motivation to exercise and physical activity of the community in the Covid 19 pandemic situation in Surakarta. This type of research is quantitative descriptive research. Subjects in this study were 30 people who carry out sports activities that were randomly selected. The data collection technique used a questionnaire. The data analysis technique used is the percentage. The results of research on intrinsic motivation showed that 56% of respondents had very high motivation, 20% of respondents had high motivation, 7% had moderate motivation and 17% of respondents had low intrinsic motivation. The results of the study on extrinsic motivation referred 20% of respondents had very high extrinsic motivation, 10% of respondents had high extrinsic motivation, 23.3% of respondents had moderate extrinsic motivation, while 46.7% of respondents had low extrinsic motivation. Whereas the results of research on physical activity showed that 53.3% of respondents often did physical activity during the pandemic, 26.7% sometimes, 13.3% rarely and 6.7% of respondents never did physical activity during the Covid-19 pandemic. From the data above, it shows that the people of Surakarta have a strong inner motivation to exercise in the Covid-19 pandemic situation in Surakarta. It can be concluded from the results of this study that in the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the community has sufficient motivation to do physical activity to exercise.