Improving Students Mathematical Communication Ability Through Guided Discovery Learning Method Assisted By Autograph

  • Ismail Hanif Batubara Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara
Keywords: Mathematical Communication Ability, Guided Discovery Learning, Autograph


This research is aimed to find out: (1) Whether the improvement of students’ mathematical communication taught by guided discovery learning methods and Autograph higher than the students who were given guided discovery methods without Autograph, (2) Is there an interaction between learning with early mathematical ability of students towards increasing the ability of understanding mathematical concepts. This study was a quasi-experimental study. The population of this study were all fourth semester mathematics education study program classes, amounting to approximately 120 peoples. The first experimental given an autograph with discovery method and autograph and the second experimental class was given a guided discovery method without autograph. The instrument used was a description test. Data analyzed was performed by analyzed of two-way variance (ANAVA). The results showed (1) the increasing of students’ mathematical communication ability through guided discovery learning methods assisted by autograph was better than the students who were given guided discovery learning methods without autograph. (2) There was no Interaction between learning mathematics and early mathematical ability.