Accounting Learning With Lesson Study Activities In FKIP UMSU

  • Ijah Mulyani Sihotang Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara
Keywords: Learning Activities, Lesson Study


This study aims to analyze the learning of Accounting with Lesson Study Activities. This research is motivated by the difficulty of students in studying accounting, which results in low student learning outcomes. Based on the observations made there are still many students who lack focus in learning, this results in learning outcomes being low. The object of this research is accounting students in Semester II FKIP UMSU. This research is a descriptive study, the number of samples is 34 people. The implementation of the Lesson Study is carried out through three stages, namely Plan, Do and See. The procedure of the study was carried out by applying the lesson study steps. The first stage was conducting a lesson plan with fellow lecturers who were in charge of cognate courses and then carried out an Action class in the class while carrying out observations assisted by several observers and finally carried out a reflection on the implementation of the learning. The research instrument was in the form of an observation sheet. The data analysis technique is a descriptive analysis technique. The findings of this study are still low student learning activities. so the learning outcomes obtained are still in the moderate category with an average calculated value of 71.