Analysis of Student's Science Practicum Worksheet Component of Elementary School Teachers in Gerunggang

  • Yuanita Yuanita STKIP Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung
  • Fitha Yuniarita STKIP Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung
Keywords: Student Worksheet (LKS), Science Practicum, Elementary Teacher


This study aims to analyze the components of the Student Science Practicum Worksheet used by elementary school science teachers in Gerunggang District. The Subjects were 7 people (4 science teachers at SDN 3 Pangkalpinang and 3 science teachers at SDN 35 Pangkalpinang). Sampling used purposive sampling technique. The Data collection consist of documentation sheets and interviews. From the results of the data analysis it is known that the components contained in the Science Practicum worksheet used by teachers at SDN 3 Pangkalpinang; 1) The Title of Practicum, tools and materials, steps of practicum, conclusions and questions 2) The components that contained in the student worksheet used by teachers at SDN 35 Pangkalpinang, are; Practicum title, theoretical basis, tools and materials, practicum steps, results of discussion, and questions, that shows that the average science practicum worksheet used by 7 elementary school teachers teaching science does not have a complete Experimental LKS component (title, KI, KD, practicum objectives, theoretical basis, tools and materials, practical steps, results and discussion, conclusions and questions) because many science labs are still using worksheets which are only in the form of evaluation and training questions or non-experimental LKS while the material used is science material that wiil be experimented for experimentation.