Pragmatic Approach and Indonesian Learning

  • Yakub Nasucha Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta
Keywords: Pragmatic, Indonesian Learning, Language


Students' communication skills can be determined by the use of language for the purpose of conveying messages based on the suitability of the context and situation. The use of language that links and emphasizes the relationship between linguistic forms and their context is what is discussed by pragmatics. Thus, to know a meaning in speech needs to connect the form of language with the context of the use of the language. The pragmatic approach in language learning always emphasizes the context analysis to find out what is meant by speech or speech, not just to interpret semantic language forms. Language learning with a pragmatic approach basically provides assumptions about the nature of language that is associated with contextual use of language. So, the emphasis is not language as a semantic system of meaning but to the “use of the language” which has a specific purpose in the communication process. To find out the message in communication is not enough to understand its meaning, but more important to know the meaning. This is what is examined in the pragmatic approach.