Language and Literary Strategy That Delightful

  • Sugiarti Sugiarti Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang
Keywords: creative, productive and inspirational learning, language and literary role, character formation


Learning Language and Literature has close tightly and functioning complementary. In literary learning can not be released by language learning, because the language of the language of the language of writing, because language as a means to convey written and oral language. The intellectual development of one of them is influenced by the process of teaching language based on logic is based on logic is a language support in the language of the logic is based on the logic is a language support in learning the successful language in the logic is a supporting the success of the logic is a supporting the success of the logic is a supporting the success of the successful language. Language is also supporting the success of the study, which language is also supporting the success of the logic is a supporting language. Therefore, the language learning is expected to help learners know himself, culture and culture of the Indonesian language. In addition, Indonesian language learning is directed to improve the ability of learners to communicate in Indonesian both well and true, both oral and written and growing appreciation of the results of literary works of literature. Literary learning contributes in a formation of humanist, productive, creative learning.The practice of the admission is to the expense to the expenses through the thinking through the discussion of the group. Therefore, learning is designed with various special approaches, such as the intellectual approach, imaginative, creative, productive, collaborative, innovative, competitive by technology technology is expected to produce the incorrects of scholars and virtuous and characterless. For that, in literary learning needs to need a literary learning need to be a literary learning needs to be a selection of literature needs to be a selection of literary works with the selection of literary works that the selection of the literary works needs to learn the character of the literature is worthy of students, and learners are able to appreciate the values of the literary character is well. It is therefore, the learning of literature creators to share horse ratio, taste and heart. Based on some studies of thoughts may be expressed conclusions that (1) learning and literary learning strategy is done innovative, creative, productive, inspirational and fun to digitate the potential of learning by providing space-in-demand propagates to learning and literary character education is able to construct personality learners become more humanistic affecting the formation of positive characters.