The Use of Puzzle in Understanding the Cohesion and The Compliance of the Discussion in Indonesian Language and Literature Education Semester 1 Students FKIP UMSU

  • Oktavia Lestari P Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara
Keywords: Understanding Puzzles, Cohesion, Coherence, Discourse


The ability to understand discourse cannot be separated from the use of Puzzles (the ability to master vocabulary). The ability to understand students' student discourses must be supported by their vocabulary mastery skills. The use of puzzle as an aid, is able to help and improve in the process of understanding discourse. On the other hand, puzzles can also facilitate students in understanding discourse that is cohesive and coherent, and makes students more confident in their answers and the use of puzzles makes it easier to understand discourse, so that discourse becomes very interesting. Puzzles are designed to teach skills such as recognizing shapes, sizes, quantities, colors, similarities and differences. The research used was experimental (post test and pre test). Based on the research results obtained which have been described in the previous chapter, it can be said that the level of use of Puzzle for 1st FKIP UMSU students is in the good category where the average score of students is 71.4.