Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) Elementary School Teachers Through the Education of Elementary School and Literature Learning and Practices

  • M. Fakhrur Saifudin Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
  • Hanum Hanifa Sukma Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
Keywords: Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), learning, elementary material


This study aims to (1) describe the Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) concept in the P3 Language and Literature subject for elementary school teacher candidates; (2) Describe the study of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) aspects in P3 Language and Literature Language courses. This research method uses qualitative descriptive. The subjects of this study were prospective elementary school students taking P3 courses in Indonesian Language and Literature. The source of research data comes from activities and actions during the learning process starting with planning, implementation, and assessment by integrating the PCK concept. Data collection techniques used observation, interviews, and questionnaires as a basis for determining the extent to which PCK studies in learning in Indonesian Language and Literature P3 subjects. Technique of data validity using data source manipulation. Data analysis techniques using interactive models starting from data presentation, data reduction, data verification, and drawing conclusions. The results of this assessment describe the contents of PCK in the language of P3 language and elementary literature. This form of content is integrated into several projects that have been carried out by students, including: preparation of RPP, modules, media, and assessment. Based on the findings of the data that students have integrated content in the form of language and literary abilities as outlined in the form of student self-employment. Furthermore, the content of pedagogy is integrated in the text that is built in a network of themes. The PCK aspect study found that students had fulfilled content and pedagogical content in the preparation of teaching materials that had been made. So that students are able to develop elementary thematic teaching materials in accordance with the core competencies and basic competencies that have been determined. In practice, students associate other materials as a form of thematic learning within the framework of PCK.