Developing A 3D-Media Simulation to Improve Hajj Spiritual Intelegence in The Grade XI SMK Muhammadiyah

  • Aris Setyawan Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
  • Wantini Wantini Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
Keywords: hajj, virtual reality, simulation, spiritual intelligence


Islamic religious education is one of the subjects that not only delivers theoretical science, but also need a real practice in everyday life. Likewise, Hajj is not only theory at the school to meet the target of the curriculum, but is also expected to practice correctly to fit the guidance. One of the lessons of Islam is pilgrimage. The Hajj is a series of activities of construction, service, and protection against the pilgrims. All of those should be implemented so that pilgrims can carry out a whole series of ritual in worship and reaching for the Hajj to be accepted. In practice, there are various problems encountered such as not all pilgrims get a coaching, services, and protection adequately, because various shortcomings in organizing the pilgrimage. The purpose of this research is developing the learning media in the form of 3D-video objects in order to ordinance the pilgrimage on the students of Class XI SMK Muhammadiyah to enhance spiritual intelligence. This is an R&D type of research referring to the model of development of the Borg and Gall. The technique of data collection by observation, interview, question form, instrument development models and instruments to measure their effectiveness. Technique of data analysis includes descriptive analyses descriptive qualitative and quantitative. The results include the innovation of Hajj learning simulation with virtual reality so it can increase spiritual intelligence. hang the correct implementation of the pilgrimage and one of the solutions to reduce problems during Hajj.