Re-Exploring Local Wisdom in The Folktale "Asal Usul Masyarakat Batu Bara" to Build Students' Local Culturebased Character

  • Mhd. Isman Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara
  • Dewi Kesuma Nasution Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara
Keywords: Local wisdom, folktale, character building


One of the problems currently faced by Indonesia’s education world is the degradation of students’ character and lack of character education in schools. As a consequence to that, various negative behaviors arise and thus can be potentially detrimental to students’ lives and future. The aim of this study is to re-explore local wisdom in the folktale “Asal-usul Masyarakat Batu Bara” (the origin of Batu Bara people) that can be used as a reference to build students' character. The method used in this research is a qualitative method. The data are sourced from Antologi Cerita Rakyat Batu Bara (Anthology of Batu Bara Folktale), while the data are local wisdom contained in the folktale Asal-usul Masyarakat Batu Bara. The data were analyzed using the techniques: (a) data collection, (b) data reduction, (c) data presentation, and (d) drawing conclusions and verification. It was revealed that the forms of local wisdom found in the folktale Asal-usul Masyarakat Batu Bara among others are prudence and wisdom, devotion to worship, courtesy, mutual cooperation, and adaptation.