Herb-Strata Vegetation Species Diversity in Ancient Mujil Volcano Yogyakarta as Biology Learning Source in Senior High School

  • Trikinasih Handayani Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
  • Dwi Sulisworo Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
  • Alpendi Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
  • Ma'rifatul Hasanah Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
Keywords: Ancient Mujil volcano, species diversity, Learning Source, Herb Strata Vegetation


This research is intended to understand the vegetation species in herb strata which have the highest and lowest Importance Value Index (IV), the diversity of vegetation species of herb strata, the relevance between measured abiotic environment condition to the stand grouping pattern of vegetation species of herb strata, and analyze the research result as a biology learning source of first-grade senior high school in biodiversity material.The sampling in this research utilizes plotless method (Point Intercept). Based on the descriptive method, this research result has potential is analysed as biology learning source for senior  high school.The research result shows that there are 29 species of herb strata vegetation in the study area with the highest IV comes from Cynodon dactylon (27,91%) and Centhotheca lappacea (0,50 %) as the lowest IV. Diversity index (H’) vegetation species of herb strata is relatively low ranging between 0.11-0.14. The abiotic environment condition correlated with the stand grouping pattern vegetation species herb strata are the soil humidity, soil pH, and the light intensity, while the abiotic factors which are not correlated are air humidity, air temperature, and soil temperature. This study result has a potential to be the learning source for the first-grade senior high school biology subject in the biodiversity study material.