Learning Metabolic System Using Phet Simulation to Improve Student Motivation

  • Zumrotin Firdaus Muhammadiyah Surakarta University
  • Budi Murtiyasa Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta
Keywords: Learning metabolisme system, phet simulation, student’s motivation


This paper investigated the implementation of PhET simulation on student motivation in learning the metabolism system. Methodology: The method used in this research was a quasy experiment research design. Quasy experiment is a single treatment design (one shot case study) which is the simplest design. A group of subjects were given treatment (X), then observations were made (Y). In this design, a group of research subjects received treatment, then the variables were measured to be observed (Latipun, 2004). One shot case study, which is an experiment carried out without a comparison group and also without an initial test (Arikunto, 2005). The qualitative data was detected through motivation rubric and questionnaire. Results: The result showed that the students who learn the metabolic system with PhET simulation have higher both improvement in conceptual understanding and motivation than without those who learn metabolic system PhET simulation as teaching media. Applications/Originality/Value: PhET simulation was only treated in the experiment group. Therefore, it resulted in different perspectives between before and afrter  the experiment group about PhET simulation. As the result, they were fairly  motivated in learning eating and excersise topic.